The Salvation Army Southern Territory has partnered with Coca-Cola as a beverage partner for fountain, bottle and can, and full service vending through the MedAssets program.

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Coca-Cola’s commitment to The Salvation Army is outlined below:

  • Fountain—if you serve fountain beverages, a Coca-Cola representative can help you with equipment and placements.
  • Bottle and Can Beverages used at your facility. Through this program, 50% of your beverage brands offered should be through Coca-Cola (minimum delivery is 10 cases) regardless of frequency and 50% can be all other beverages.  If you choose to have a higher percentage of Coca-Cola beverages, there are pricing advantages you will be able to access.  Your Coca-Cola representative can share these further details with you.

Michelle Alvarez-Herbig , Coca-Cola National Account Coordinator for The Salvation Army

Office  404-887-4491


If you have questions about the Coca-Cola program, please email  Susan Sawicki, Coca-Cola Senior Sales Executive for The Salvation Army email