The Salvation Army and Hennessy Distributing have partnered together to provide GREAT SAVINGS, when purchasing the Cool Towel-R- & EcoCleanse-R- Decontamination Towels.

Support your staff, volunteers and victims with cooling relief from the heat with Cool Towel-R-. It does NOT need water to ‘work’. Ice water is too valuable on scene. Just open the Cool Towel-R- packaging, wave like a flag in the breeze for 15 seconds and refresh your face, head, neck and arms.  Return it to the re-sealable package for more use later.

EcoCleanse-R- Decontamination Towels are infused with all natural ingredients.  Why use plastic wipes that have alcohols, chemicals and ‘soaps’ to clean sensitive skin?  Firefighters use them on scene for decon procedures, because they were developed in conjunction with the Firefighter Cancer Foundation.

Read and learn more about both products at:

CLICK HERE – Cool Towel Pricing

CLICK HERE – Salvation Army Branded Towel

We understand how difficult things can get on disaster scenes.  Hennessy Distributing, LLC CEO, Terri Hennessy, is on two advisory council boards and is an active volunteer during disasters. Please contact her below for more information on YOUR product discounts.

Hennessy Distributing, LLC/Cool Towel
Terri Hennessy, CEO
7810 Gall Blvd, #141
Zephyrhills, FL  33541
Or Text: 813-464-1172