Penske and The Salvation Army have partnered to provide our SA units discounted rates on Truck Rentals.  Below you will find further details with links to flyers detailing the program.

The Salvation Army
Reference your NRA Acct. #4800.
-Confirm your location.
-Confirm what Salvation Army Region you are with.
-If you are tax-exempt, please forward a copy of your form. – PO Requirement: First & last name of the caller

CLICK HERE – Salvation Army Penske Program & Rates

For rental 2 weeks or less fill out this form and send to Sarai Burks.
1.29 Rental Form – Less than 2 week

For rental 2 weeks or more fill out this form and send to Evelyn Hendricks.
1.30 Rental Form – More than 2 week

Certificate of Insurance (COI) request form
Certificate of Insurance Request-Fill in – color

Click Here for a General Product Offering Brochure

Program Contact:

Rosemary Schaffer, CTP
Director, Non-Profit Business
T 610-775-6165
C 484-716-3069